Why fix it yourself? Better call Bob!

Your handyman in Copenhagen
- easy, fast, and sustainable.

Time to call for assistance?

We make it easy for you to get your tasks solved – so why do it yourself?

Please contact us for any questions.

Henrik – indehaver af Better Call Bob

You make contact

Tell us about your task through this site, or call our competent customer service at 60705939.

We get back to you

We’ll help you figure out the details, and agree to visit you at a time that fits your calendar.

Bob solves the task

Bob shows up with tools and materials. Your tasks get solved. And if you identify additional areas in need of fixing, Bob helps you out with these as well.

What can Bob help you with?

– "Honey, just relax. I called Bob already."
In fact, our handyman in Copenhagen helps with most things
– but contact us if you're in doubt, and then we'll figure it out.
Hanging pictures on the walls
Tidying up
Installation of shelves on the wall
Adjust kitchen doors
Hanging up curtains
Moving things to the attic or the basement
Move furniture around
Getting rid of waste
Assisting with practical tasks
Installing hanging lights
Furniture assembly
Baseboards and skirting boards
Mounting of TV on the wall
Assembly of beds
IKEA hacks
What we do for our customers:

Want a good experience with a sustainable handyman in Copenhagen?

‍We love to give everyone a good experience with our handyman service! We answer your calls, provide a service minded experience, we confirm our agreements, we have our insurance policies in order, we follow up after our visits – and, additionally, we have made sure that all of our Bob’ers have been through a service course and one or more practical courses to ensure you a good experience.

So... who is Bob?

Bob is a handyman in Copenhagen. In fact, we are a collection of handymen and -women, providing practical handyman solutions for private customers and businesses all around Copenhagen. We value good working conditions and happy customers, and we would love to make the crafting industry a little bit greener. That is why we show up on our bikes – and, as a bonus, you will save time and money.

Bob Business

Did you know that Bob can help your business too?

We help out with all kinds of practical tasks – from packing of stuff to mounting walls. When using our service you will, at the same time, do something good for the environment. You can use our green logo on your website, and make your customers aware that you support protecting the environment. In case you need regular support with practical matters, our Bob can visit you with predefined time intervals according to your wishes. Contact us if you would like to know more.

We begin as a handyman in Copenhagen

At Better Call Bob we use bikes to get around. Using the bike is good for the environment, for you, and for us as well.

The fact that our handymen use bikes also means that we cannot yet cover all of Denmark – however, we work on providing a good service and proper craftsmanshop all around the country. If you would like to know if we cover your area, please call our customer service at 60 70 59 39. They will be happy to answer all of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you out with your practical matters.

Which Bob do you need?

To make things simple, most of the time you will only pay for the time Bob spends at your place, plus a fixed starting price at 399 DKK.

Our prices consists of four elements.

Starting price: 399 DKK.
We always take a fixed starting price. It includes transport in central Copenhagen as well as the most common screws and plugs.

Hourly rate: 559 DKK / 600 DKK
Our hourly rate depends on whether the task requires carpentry tools or not. We always register 1 hour as a minimum.

Material prices: Varies
If your task requires materials to solve, we offer to bring them for you. Here we will charge you for the material prices as well as the time we spend on picking them up on the way.

Transport fee outside of central Copenhagen
If you do not live in central Copenhagen we will take a transportation fee besides the starting price.

More details

Are you our next Bob?

Would you like to be your own boss, and earn money when it suits you?

If you’re good at craftsmanship, or if you’re competent at a lot of odd jobs and want to engage with practical tasks, then we could use your help. You can choose the tasks you like, and it’s up to you how much work you want to take on your plate.

Don't just take our words for it...