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Are you in need of a handyman in Copenhagen? If so, you have reached the right place.

Better Call Bob is your preferred handyman on bike in Copenhagen. We do not use any other means of transportation in our work – besides our feet, of course. Our mode of work secures a high morale, mood, and lots of energy when we come to assist you with practical matters where you are.

Through our concept, we believe that we can guarantee you the best experience from any handyman out there. We’re ready to come by you, and assist with anything handyman-related work in Copenhagen.

You can order us through the formula at the bottom of this page. Else, read on if you would like more information about the process and the tasks that we can help you out with.

These are the tasks our handyman in Copenhagen will help you solve

You know how it is: A handyman gets his name from the kinds of tasks that he can help you out with. This includes practical tasks at home as well as at the workplace. Tasks that require the competent hands of a craftsman, and tasks that do not.

If you by any means should be in doubt as to which tasks, our handyman in Copenhagen can help you out with, here is a list for you with some examples:

  • cleaning up and sorting things out
  • adjust doors
  • assembling and setting up furniture
  • fixing your bike
  • installing baseboards and frames
  • Mounting pictures, lamps and TV’s on the walls

Our handyman in Copenhagen gives you a spectrum of practically limitless possibilities when it comes to the kinds of practical tasks that he can undertake.

At Better Call Bob we strive to ensure that all of our handymen in Copenhagen have the right skills and competences to assist you with any practical task – whatever it may be. With a proper shared knowledge base, a solid network of other handymen in the area, and the right tools you experience is guaranteed with our handyman in Copenhagen.


We strive to make sure that everybody can afford a proper handyman in Copenhagen. We have cut the unnecessary costs so you can enjoy our cheap handyman service at a reasonably low price.

We have 2 price models to choose from:

Handyman with basic tools for wall mounting: Kr. 559,-/hour
A handyman with basic tools for mounting can help you get things mounted on your walls, such as pictures, shelves, TV’s, lamps, and much more.

Handyman with craftsman tools: Kr. 600,-/hour
A handyman with craftsman tools can help you out with most practical matters regardless of the size of the project. Do you need to have a new kitchen installed? Or do you need a new wall to split a large room into two minor ones? Anything else of this kind?

We guarantee you a good experience with our handyman in Copenhagen

At Better Call Bob we strive to ensure the quality of the service we deliver for our valued customers. To ensure your constant satisfaction we have several concrete focus points when doing our work. We put our handymen on educational courses regularly to refine their skills and expand the range of tasks that they can assist you with. In hiring we select only the finest workers with a broad common knowledge to guarantee the outcome of any task that you might need help with.

And our continual use of the bike as a means of transportation instead of the car… we cannot help but become a happier workforce through daily healthy activity on the road!

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